Any couple planning for their wedding day should consider wedding photographers the closest friends they have for the day. If a wedding photographer gets on good terms with the couple, the quality of the photos they shoot exceeds the expected standards. Taking photos during your wedding becomes more of a hobby than a job to them. However, it even becomes better if the couple informs the photography experts some things before time. Here are some of the things any wedding photography expert expects to know from the couple:

wedding photography

What to wear

Every couple hopes to get the best out of whatever happens during the wedding. Anything that brings disgrace to the occasion is not part of their expectation. If you have organized a black-tie affair for the day, a wedding photographer should not come in shorts and flip-flops since it may be a disgrace. On the other hand, what the photographer wears on that day should not attract more attention than what your guests would be wearing. If you don’t want the wedding photography professional you hire to be in a particular dress code, you can decide with them what they should put on that day.

Order of service

A wedding has numerous activities that at the time run at the same time. The sequence with which the wedding service would be conducted is of great importance to the wedding photographer in Vancouver. This helps them to know the activities that follow and organize their photography gadgets based on the importance and urgency of the activity. This ensures they don’t fail to capture some moments based on misinformation. It is always good to discuss how the service will run with your wedding photography expert to avoid flaws.

‘Face sheet’ photos of main guests

Of course, everyone who attends your wedding is important. However, some of the people who attend are key in different ways. If you have some photos of the main people you expect to attend, you should provide the photography professional with them for easy identification. Some guests arrive in weddings without being noticed and the photographer would have to identify them anyway. Moreover, the couple should the photographer the names of the key people who would be attending. This is crucial especially if you intend to customize the photos and send them to some of the key people in attendance.

Weather and power details

If you are hiring a wedding photographer from a different city, it is good to inform them about the weather and power availability in advance. If you power surges occur often on weekends, it is important to inform them so. This ensures they come with power backup facilities. If the area has had afternoon rains for the last few days, it is good to inform your wedding photographer about it to carry waterproof camera bags with them.

It is wrong to guess that professional wedding photographers are experienced enough to know or guess some of these things. If a mistake occurs on something you didn’t inform them about, you won’t be justified to blame them. Of course, you would not do this during the big day, but probably a week prior to the event.

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