4 Common, Yet Major Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

Delivery trucks and commercial trucks are big rigs that present dreadful dangers to the passengers, motorcyclists, and small vehicle drivers. If the motorcyclists and commercial and small vehicle drivers don’t show extra caution on the road, the resulting catastrophe is extremely fatal. When an accident where a commercial truck is involved happens, most people just think about filing claims. Only a few people get to know what causes most of the truck accidents.  If you ask a commercial truck accident lawyer to mention a few causes of truck accidents, here are some you would get:

Fatigue and tiredness

According to some federal regulations, a truck driver should drive a commercial truck for the agreed hours in a week. A truck driver should go for a 10-hour off-duty before they drive a cargo-carrying truck for more than 12 hours. This ensures the truck driver gets adequate sleep and rest and gets ample time to rejuvenate their body and mind. If they drive for thousands of miles without rest, chances of hitting passengers and motorcyclists unintentionally are high. When this happens, a motorcycle accident attorney Las Vegas has would file the claim for their client even if the truck driver was not deliberate.

Equipment failure

Every vehicle you see on the road is subject to equipment failure. Hydraulic and transmission systems may fail when least expected and get the truck in a risky side of the road. Equipment failure can be due to poor roads, seasonal elements and other inclement weather elements such as snow or ice. Such elements cause possible braking problems and shifted traffic patterns. If equipment failure is the cause of the fatal truck accident, the matter should be left in the hands of a competent commercial truck accident lawyer.


Driving for long hours is one major cause of reduced concentration on the road. When concentration level is decreased, the truck driver begins to multitask and get divided attention while driving. Operating a GPS system, talking and texting while driving, are distractions that lead to fatal truck accidents. Affirming that distractions were the real cause of the accident would require a commercial truck accident lawyer to interrogate the driver tactfully since most truck drivers deny it.

Unsafe driving practices

Logging thousands of miles weekly is not always a simple task for most truck drivers. Driving for long stretches of time is one reason truck drivers operate the trucks less safely. They get involved in unsafe driving practices such as ignoring turn signals, changing lanes frequently, not checking for blind spots, road rage and getting too close to another vehicle. It’s the motorcyclists who suffer more due to such unsafe driving practices. If a motorcyclist finds hiring a competent motorcycle accident attorney Henderson has to offer quite expensive, they even lose the huge compensation they would have been awarded.

It doesn’t always mean that a truck driver is the one always responsible for truck accidents. They could also be victims of truck accidents in some incidents. A truck driver may slip and fall when loading or unloading the truck. If the driver slips and falls with a load on his back and fractures his bones, he should file a claim. Most truck drivers who haven’t interacted more with a slip and fall accident attorney Las Vegas has currently may not know such claims exist. For more information, visit their website at: http://haleinjurylaw.com/practice_areas/commercial-truck-accident/