Simple renovation ideas to spruce up your bathroom

So you’ve been thinking of renovating your bathrooms. This is major decision and could be overwhelming for most people. However, with enough information, this can be a  highly rewarding experience for you. Looking through websites and online forums on renovating bathrooms melbourne experts offer is a great way to get inspiration and ideas. Listed below are other simple things you can do to renew your bathrooms.

Change the tiles

A great way to spruce up your bathroom is to replace the old tiles. Old bathrooms are notorious for having tile designs that look dated in today’s standards. Add to that the signs of wearing such us yellowing or darkening that adds to the overall “old” vibe. Updating your tile works can be an effective way to bring new life to your old bathrooms.

Going for simple and minimalist designs is a good and fool-proof choice. They are easy to pull off and look good with almost any space. White is a popular choice as it looks clean and timeless though they can be too “common” for one’s taste.

Clean the grout and caulk

Retiling can, however, be quite expensive for some to even consider. Getting a bathrooms Melbourne contractor to do tile work can be costly. Maybe, your tiles do look classic and timeless they just look dirty. You might be surprised at how a good cleaning can do to your old tiles.

You can use commercially available cleaners that remove yellowing and brings back the tiles lustre. You can also get grout cleaners to remove stuck dirt and grime then you can add a fresh line of new caulk. This alone can give surprisingly good results breathing new life to a once outdated and old space

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Repaint the walls

A lot of homeowners also overlook the power of a fresh paint job. This is pretty economical too since paint is relatively cheap and you can even do this yourself saving you some labour costs. A perfect project for DIY enthusiasts!

A few things to consider though: most small bathroom renovations Melbourne experts offer have tight corners and difficult areas to reach so take your time and be patient. Do not rush this as this can lead to poor results. You can use painter’s tape and old newspapers to protect surfaces. Use a good quality bathroom approved paint. This is to prevent moulds and mildews from forming.

Update the fixtures

Replacing old fixtures is a staple in bathroom renovations. These tiny details accentuate the room and are great interest points that draw attention. Replacing things like the faucets, towel racks, lighting, and showerheads can noticeably improve your bathroom.

Replace storage

Old cabinets and storage can also impact the look of your bathroom. The humidity and moisture in the bathroom can do significant damage to them. Consider replacing them with more modern and durable materials to freshen up your space. Most bathrooms Melbourne contractors recommend replacements that are properly treated and sealed to avoid moisture from seeping in.

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